We all know that teachers are considered to be the arbitrators of knowledge and culture.

Both knowledge and culture are dynamic, and it is important for an individual to be sure about both of them.

In case any of the aspects is missed, then it will not going to result in something which has been expected.

We all know that in past years the education system has been changed and there is a lot which has been integrated.

Some people have an idea about it, and some are just following the trend.

But the teaching method has been changed drastically, and it is quite obvious that some are happy with it and some are not.

With this modification in the teaching method, there is a lot which have been missed and which have been adapting.

Let’s discuss the ways in which the education system and teaching method have been changed in the last ten years and how it is impacting students all around.

Ways Contributing to Change:-

Information is Everywhere:

Now there is no need for a student to worry about the fact whenever they are looking forward to grabbing a piece of information.

All the need to do is just browse through any of the portals and get the answers.

Moreover, now everyone is so multi-talented that in case there is any simplest query they can ask about the same to people as well. They will also help them in understanding the actual answers.

Technology Has Been Integrated:

In earlier time Technology was not into consideration that much. But now the scenario has been changed, and students and teachers both are dependent on Technology.

Technology is playing the role which is just unbeatable.

Not even a single teacher can think of moving ahead without it. Technology has been integrated with teaching methods so that it can come up with better results.

But somewhere it is quite interesting to get the results, and somewhere the results are inappropriate.

Digital Games:

Now students can learn from games as well. Digital games have been developed, which are also acting as a teacher to students.

There will be no need for a student to feel like they are not learning from it as well. Certain mind-changing games are there which are known to nurture the skills a student is having.

Connection of Students and Teacher:

The connection between student and teacher is well developed in the present generation. In earlier times, the students were afraid of saying anything in front of the teacher.

But now the teachers are quite frank that they discuss the problem in detail with students so that they can easily move ahead with whatever going on.

They can share their problems with the teachers so that they can get the results. In the teaching method as well, this has a great impact.

In earlier times students were not able to ask about the query they are having, but now the time has been changed, and they ask about it immediately.

Applications Are There:

Multiple applications are there, which made learning easy. Now teachers are adopting different applications so that they will be able to clear the query a student is having.

They move ahead with all those applications which are having all the details about particular things. These applications also let teachers connect with students more efficiently.

Within no time, they will be able to understand what the requirement of the student is.

Media is Designed in a Manner:

Now media is also there to support the students. Not only audio but images and videos as well have been developed by keeping the student mind into consideration.

These media things let a student learn about the aspects in detail.

Moreover, they will be able to get an idea that this is a particular think most of the all know that pictorial things have a great impact on mind apart from theory things. And the media things are contributing to the same.

E-learning is There:

Learning is also integrated.

Now instead of using blackboard and chalk, the projectors have been installed in the classroom which let students go through things with the help of pictures or images.

Within no time, they will be able to get the results.

There is no need for them to write anything on the blackboard or on any whiteboard.

Teachers Are Supportive:

Last but not the least teachers are supportive as well. In earlier times, there was a hesitation in the students that they do not ask about things in detail.

But now teachers are leading everywhere and help students to learn about the things in detail.


There is no doubt in the fact that with modernization, the teaching method has been changed a lot. It has a great impact on students, as well.

Somewhere it is beneficial, but somewhere it is not.

Now the Teachers are all-rounder, and instead of focusing on a single subject, they are focused on different ones, most of this is destroying the quality of education in certain cases.


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