No one is safe in this coronavirus situation. Every day there are thousands of cases reported.

Recently there was an announcement done by Amazon where they have reported that nearly 20,000 employees are suffering from covid 19.

They have a workforce of 1.3 million, but apart from taking all the precautions, 20,000 US employees have contracted covid 19.

Instead of the fact that they are taking enough precautions, things seem to be quite devastating for all.

Let’s Have a Closer Look at the Situation:

Being the online portal where they are serving all the basic necessities, Amazon plays a great role in this covid 19 situation.

They work actively and come up with better services as well.

According to the news and research going on, they mentioned that 19,816 “Front-line” workers available at the Amazon warehouses and Whole Food Markets in the US are suffering from it.

If we take a rough Idea as compared to the total number of employees then it is only 1.4 % of the company employees are suffering right now.

According to the analysis, it is quite interesting to note that as compared to the general population, the rate is quite similar.

Credit: Business Insider

They have estimated almost 33952 cases among their workforce. It has been revealed by the company itself. But among all of them, 19816 employees have tested positive.

All of them are taking proper precautions so that they will be able to get back to work as soon as possible.

The company also mentioned that all the delivery persons are taking enough precautions so that it will not spread from them at all.

There was a document that came out where they reveal that they had a lower infection rate among the workers as compared across the US state.

As compared to the general population then it is almost 42% less.

One cannot question the safety taken by Amazon people during delivery timings. The things don’t come to an end here only. There is a lot for a person to know about this particular situation.

Amazon point of view:

After revealing the exact data, Amazon came with a statement where they are hoping that other large companies also released the detailed earnings and case rates.

This lets people take enough precautions, and they will be able to maintain their surroundings accordingly.

Moreover, Amazon also mentioned that they are in the arena where companies are competing with each other, but instead of competing, they must reach to the conclusion where the people are safe enough.

The Seattle based company also mentioned that from March 1 to September 9 they examined the data of almost 1.37 million workers at Amazon to reach the exact reports.

But still, they are focusing on case rates so that they will keep the environment safe and Amazon will not become responsible for spreading in any case.

At working premises, every basic facility is there, which let them follow the guidelines and work safely.

Next step by Amazon:

After coming up with reality, they have also mentioned that now they will be going to conduct a proper covid 19 test again so that things will become quite crystal clear and they will be able to report about it as well.

Moreover, they have also pointed out that if there is a positive case that it doesn’t mean that their employment will be going to be infected.

These individuals will be exposed to different work outside.

Moreover, they will not be going to terminate any of them because this is part of their job, and Amazon will be going to corporate with all of them.

There is no doubt in the fact that from November itself, Amazon is investing hundreds of millions of dollars in this project so that people will be able to feel safe.

By November the company has conducted 50,000 tests in a day across 650 sites, and it is quite clear that they are taking precautions so that they will be able to fulfil the requirements of people without promoting any infection.

Credit: Entrepreneur

The company also distributed 100 million face masks to all the employees so that there will be no question arises considering the guidelines settled by the government.

Social distancing is also a major factor of consideration by all the employees. Any of them who is acting as a delivery person following the same so that no trouble will be there in any case.

They come up with contactless delivery options as well to show that there will be no trouble to anyone in any case.

Last but not the least, they come up with the fact that since the beginning of the crisis, they worked very hard so that the requirement of the people will get fulfilled and no person will feel unemployed.

They are still serving people with all the facilities so that if they are not ready to step outside, there will be no scarcity of basic necessities at all.

Do let us know in the comment section below what is your opinion about the steps taken by Amazon in this covid 19 situation.

In case there is anything else you wish to know, then also mention the same.


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