We all know in the present generation students have a lot to do.

There is a subsequent loss of academic structure as well because of the same stuff according to different research, there was a result that came out where children read less in the summer.

Now it is important to conclude how much they are going to spend. Moreover rest it depends on age, income level, geographical region, and other factors as well.

There is no doubt in the fact that it depends on perspective as well whether the student will going to achieve good marks after the summer break or not.

But after the assumption, the academic achievement depends on the assistant results.

It is important that a student is being consistent for learning so that they can get good scores.

There is a lot for a student to explore after the summer break.

It is important that they are up-to-date, considering the aspects.

But there a lot of problems and the rethinking learning loss is being a major one among all. Let’s discuss it in detail so that there will be care answer and what are the impact and how it depends on income, age and content and so on.

Problem-related to Non-transferable Knowledge:

We all know that sometimes students use so many things which are not Transferable. The knowledge they will be going to get from it is of no use.

For example, in the effects of summer vacation on achievement test score: a narrative meta-analytic review the researchers came to the conclusion that the loss happened in summer will be equal about one month on a grade-level equivalent scale.

Moreover, it is important for students to go through the aspect regularly so that things will be retained in their mind for a longer duration.

Rethinking Learning Loss:

Rethinking learning loss is the criteria where a student is not able to recall the things which they have learnt.

They remember the things for a short while, but when they are done with its use, they just forget about it.

Just consider the example for a long equation which they have learnt in mid sem if you ask about the same in the final sem there are very less chances that they have in their mind.

It is a rethinking learning loss. When a student is on vacation, whatever he learnt before the vacation will vanish to an extent.

It is important for them to go through the course again and then leads to the idea.

The major reason to happen so because in vacation, the students do not pay attention to learning at all.

For some students, the scenario is totally different because they focus on learning aspects in detail and do the revision alternatively.

If you are not revising a particular context for a while, then a moment will come when it appears to be blank in your mind.

You can consider the example of a painting. When you are doing the painting, you will be going to remember all the steps you have taken in case it is right in front of you.

But if you keep it somewhere else, then you have no idea how much hard work you did during preparing it.

The Problem of Non-transferable Knowledge:

Many students are learning something which they can share with others as well they will be going to remember it for a longer duration.

But right now the education system is so that whatever they are learning will going to retain in them only as it have no use with others at all.

This let them to keep it confined and they do not share the same with others at all.

A moment will come when after the completion of the particular task they just end up with forgetting it.

Therefore to keep things remember it is important for the students to recall things.

It is important that the education system must have some changes so that students will be able to learn about the aspects in detail and they can move ahead with it.

Right now so many topics are there in our course which has no link with future at all.

No one will be going to ask them how much they done in the previous class just because it have no link in future.

The Underlying Assumption of School:

The underlying assumption most of the schools are having is that it is important for a student to be consistent when they wish to adapt to the skill.

It doesn’t matter whether they are gaining Transferable knowledge or not. In case they are coming to school regularly, then they will going to remember it.

But this is not the truth that all. It is important that students are learning something which is Transferable.

Moreover, now the teachers are working themselves to death to literally pulls the student through the body of knowledge that will go to barely recognizable in their life, and this is a fact which let students feel irritated all the time, and they do not take any interest in course.

After going through it is quite clear that now whatever the students are learning will not be going to remain with them in future and they are just learning it for the sake of gaining marks and the degrees.

It has no link with practical life to the extent, so it is just appeared to be baseless for them to an extent.


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