The artist within us is never free. But sometimes we just forget to mention about the same.

The same has been noted when Jennifer Lopez, a multi-talented person, comes up with designing her own bag. It might sound like we are kidding, but this is the truth.

To get all the information about it, just dig out this article till the last.

Jennifer Lopez: an Artist as Well

Jennifer Lopez is the Global brand ambassador of Coach for being a year. She is a well-known singer, producer, after, model, dancer, and well everything.

Finally, she comes up with her own design. She teamed up with the brand and designed the bag in her own style. We are talking about Coach X Jennifer Lopez Hutton’s bag.

The Hutton bag designed by Jennifer will be going to launch today on for $495.

Credit: Hollywood Reporter

This is the first time she comes up with something creative, and she comes up with a design with her multi-hyphenate lifestyle in mind. She created it with creative director Stuart Vevers.

Having a look at the bag, then it bears the marks of inclusivity and authenticity as well. Lopez and Coach hold the brand identity in a manner that they come up with their own identity as well.

Design of the Bag:

Having a look at the bag referred to as Hutton Bag. Basically, Jennifer Lopez Hutton comes up with a classic design in calf leather along with some snakeskin accents.

In this bag, a long chain strap is also included, which a person can wear as a cross-body shoulder bag. In the new brand campaign, Lopez models it as a waist bag.

After designing the bag, in an interview, she has also mentioned that designing her first bag with Coach was a great experience, and she is totally in love with this collaboration.

She also mentioned that she always wanted to come up with coach X Jennifer Lopez to feel like me, and finally, she did so.

The color block leather and polished hardware details are actually of her style, and it lets her feel like that the bag makes her pulled together and ready for everything.

Credit: Yahoo Money

She also mentioned that she could not wait to share it with everyone all around.

Vevers was among those who noticed the whole process and mentioned that it was fun and special as Lopez was so passionate during its, and she was having a clear vision about what she wanted to do with the bag. She was not confused, and she was designing to get in her own way.

Additionally, in the bag, there is a unique hang tag that is also included and a story patch with Lopez’s signature. Therefore, one can easily conclude that it is autographed for each and every one.

During an interview, Vevers also mentioned that it was fun working with Jennifer because she was so focused, and she was bringing out her passion and style to everything.

She wanted to give a personal and authentic touch to the bag, and she did the same very well as well.

He also mentioned that she was so passionate about designing the back that she never thought that what others will be going to think about her.

She was so focused and into the task that everyone can get mesmerized after having a look at her.

The photos which have been shot for camping are shot by super photographer HaoZeng who is especially known for perfection in everything.

Additionally, he shows up with Lopez in her Glory as a dancer, producer, and singer as well. In each and every shot, she showcases the personality of the bag and styles it in a manner that is quite breathtaking as well.

Leather joggers, a logo hoodie, glam culottes, and nude bodies are something with which she showcased all the glamour.

One can only conclude that Lopez did full justice with the camping and introduced the Hutton bag in the manner which no one had expected.

Fans are really very excited to see it, and now they just want to visit to get all the details about the bag. Additionally, if you wish to get it for you, the link will be available soon.

What Lopez Had to Say?

After the completion of the campaign, Lopez was feeling satisfied and delighted as she has done justice with everything.

She was going through a lot and come up with a design that she had never expected as well. Moreover, she also mentioned that her experience with Vever was quite amusing and she learnt a lot as well.

One can easily conclude that they both collaborated for something good and as a result the same is right in front for all the users out there.

Go check out and share your experience considering the same as well.


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