During this covid-19 situation, remote teaching and learning have been adapted, and it leads teachers to think about certain things more.

This lets them understand where the joy of learning has been missed. In a post in 2014, there was a question asked where the joy of learning gone has? There is no particular answer for the same.

But still, teachers are looking forward to the ways through which they can bring it back.

In case you are looking forward to bring out the same in your classroom and want that the students will be able to you enjoy learning then there are certain ways which you can consider.

Make sure that the emotional benefits are also important for the individual to perform well in the class.

It will be going to affect the neurological activity of the brain, and directly it improves the engagement.

To help you out with that here we are discussing the ways so that you can bring out the joy back to the classroom.

Ways to Consider:-

Let Students Feel Independent:

If you are boarding students, then they will not be going to feel independent in any case. For productive results and joyful learning, it is important that a student is feeling independent.

Let them explore their strength and weaknesses inside the class.

It will not only let them feel independent but also allow them to understand which portion they need to work. Within no time, they will come up with good results along with joy.

Adapt to Team Building:

Team building is also an important factor of consideration. Instead of focusing on individual learning, motivate the students to come in front with a team.

When they are engaged in teamwork, they will be able to learn about multiple aspects at the same time.

They will be able to develop our teams with their own friends which bring out the joy in learning.

Be a Friend:

Instead of being a teacher, be a friend. Just consider a situation that there is a student who is feeling extremely depressive just because of the environment, and he had no one with whom he can share the stuff.

At that moment, he will look toward the teacher if the teacher is friendly.

Therefore instead of being a strict teacher be a friend and let them come out of the situation.

When they are feeling comfortable, it will bring out the joy in them, and they come up with good results as well.

Give Optional Work:

Don’t be strict considering homework. Always give them optional work. The options always let an individual explore something more.

Whenever we have an option, we always look for something different to do. It will polish their skill and nurture what they have already learnt as well.

Make sure you are asking them about what we have chosen. In case you let them be like a free bird, then they will be going to take advantage of freedom you give them.

Don’t Follow the Marks Criteria:

Don’t be specific about the marks criteria. It is important that you are not forcing students to get good marks. It will let them to become a book worm and they will try to cram all the things.

If you want to come up with productive results, then you need to be sure that you are letting them to understand the concept in detail.

Don’t force them to gain marks only. Force them to understand the concept. This will bring out Joy of learning.

Focus on Practical Rather Than Theory:

When you are forcing students to become a bookworm, they will go to feel irritated only and consider it to be a burden. Focus on practical more.

The practical things will let them deal with present life situations as well. They will be able to understand how they are supposed to behave in a particular situation.

If they have no idea what the practical life seems to be like, then they will not be able to come up with results as you want and it appears to be like something which you have not expected.

To bring out Joy of learning, it is important that practical learning is adapted by teachers.

Learn About the Requirement of the Child:

Learn about the requirements of the child. If you have no idea what is the requirement of the child, then you will not be able to treat them with joy.

Thus, to help them in understanding what is going on, it is important to understand their mindset as well.

Not only the physical needs but sometimes emotional and mental needs are also something which affects the activities in a person can engage.

Organize Different Activities:

Organize different activities. Activities are not only supposed to take place for small children only, but for big children as well, it is important that some of the activities are organized.

These activities will help them to move ahead with joy.

Inspired Them With a Personal Story:

Tell them some personal story so that they can feel inspired. Inspiration can come from any of the stories.

If you have done something which is really inspiring you can tell them, or you can share some stories of other individuals as well.

This lets them feel more excited and also motivated as well. This motivation will let them complete the task which the fields to be impossible to complete.

Let Students Engage in Conversation:

Do not create a classroom where students are supposed to be in a pin drop silence state. Let the students communicate with each other.

The way they communicate with each other will help them in understanding what is going on inside the class and what they are supposed to do in a particular situation.

These are the basic tips which can be considered when teachers wish to bring the joy back in the classroom.

It is important to adapt the things in a manner that a student will be able to come up with the best results at the end.


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