Recently the Facebook Oculus Quest 2 came into existence, and before its launch, fans were so much excited.

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But sometimes, the scenario is not as we have expected.

After its launch, there is a review that came out where people come up with their opinion considering the Facebook Oculus Quest 2.

Let’s have a look at the same so that you will be able to get about what we are talking about and what people have to say about it.

Let’s Go Through the Reviews

Some users come up with a review that they must call the Oculus product manager so that they will be able to ask them about their favorite video games.

These might be present in the Quest 2 strength. But in the end, when people browse through it, this was not as they were expecting, and it is worthless.

The game Beat Saber, in starting, lets users feel a lot of enthusiasm, but when it comes to an end, their review about it changes.

It is a recreation in which swinging of arms to hit the objects with gentle sabers are included.

In the beginning it appears to be the enjoyable demonstration, but the same is not continued till the end.

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Users feel confused sometimes and consider the Dance-Dance Revolution and guitar Hero world most of the well-liked rhythm video games in the past decade.

They consider that beat Saber is not as they were expecting it to be.

The second game which is majorly into consideration is Phantom: Covert Ops. In this game, the recreation is still and it will be going to place the person to sneak into the enemy basis.

They will be going to become the part of rowing around a kayak and capture opponent from the boat. But somewhere the rowing motions are tedious.

It is quite irritating for all the players out there.

Moreover, all the fascinations of a player was having are quite different, but in the end, they are satisfied that it is somewhere imitating the steel gear stable.

In the end, players have a lot to explore.

How one can forget about including Pokerstars VR. It is one of the fascinating strategies for online poker. It is somewhere similar to an online casino poker site.

A user will be going to sit at the card desk and use the controller. The controllers will help them to select the chips and playing cards. The game and get into a conversation with the help of their microphones.

Moreover, this game lets people feel nostalgic because it is quite interesting to have. Sitting on a sofa, a player is ready to play the cards, and they will be going to deal with a lot of things.

They just need to be sure that the headset and controllers they have are working appropriately. Additionally, a moment will come when they feel like their eyes are drained, and they feel to be stiff as well.

Cook dinner out: a sandwich story is one of those games present in the hottest video games list on the oculus checklist.

Actually, it is good to conclude it to be the best post of this is the sport which is about assembling the sandwiches so that they will be able to serve clients.

This is basically a recreation where a person will be going to engage in recreating activities. But sometimes it appears to be boring.

A person will feel like that baby likes to spend more money on purchasing a sandwich for themselves instead of playing it.

Fit XR will be going to hit last in this list, but this is one of those recreations which is liked by fans a lot. It is basically of boxing stimulator, and as a result, you will be going to have so many boxing lessons as well.

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There is a good use of movement controller which all the game was required so that they can engage in punching motions easily.

They will be able to get an idea of how they need to control it for getting the maximum output from a. Moreover, for all The Gamers who wish to compete online, this will going to hit at the top because it serves as a one-stop destination for enthusiasm.

At last, we have come to the conclusion that in case a user has spent a lot of amount on oculus video games, then the fit XR will let them feel delighted.

But apart from that, they regret why they have spent the money. Moreover, this totally depends on the choice of the user as well.

If you have already become a part of oculus quest 2, then do let us know in the comments section below.

We will also let you conclude about the games you like and also let you get an idea about the games which appears to be a waste of money.


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