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Home Decor Write for us – Welcome to an online world with platform for every creative and awe building ideas for Home Decor that you feel like you should contribute for a better and homey environment.

If you are looking for a medium to get into people’s ideas of home decor in their mind, then you are at the perfect place for doing so.

Home Decor Write for us submissions: thewidely@gmail.com

Whatever ideas you have to add to the available information on our blog will be highly appreciated by us.

We here are Eveready to take in some great posts and through them excessively talented ideas on home decor.

Every guest post or article will be prioritized on the basis of the content quality it manages to provide and add to our already stablished blog.

We want contributions to our blog that will be a path for growth of our blog and a great source of information for our readers who rely solely on us.

Writing for us on a guest blog or as a contributor to the blog, the piece you have written will be available for reading to all our readers on a global platform that we are.

Working with us will also help you enjoy the attention your work will receive on our very own social media profiles.

With providing a platform for the best of the best inspiring and ideas that leave you awestruck, we have some responsibilities that we like to make sure to fulfill in all of our capability.

We take it on ourselves that the site we have taken years to mend into what it is today should entertain nothing but the best posts and articles.

In the process of ensuring that we might end up discarding the posts sent to us which do not meet the requirements to our standard.

Two things the guest post coming in should make sure of:

  • The quality of the content.
  • The guidelines provided by us for the guest posts.

Home Decor Write for us – What Makes You Qualified to Write for Us?

  • It is very clearly mentioned by us at every possible place that our website has a niche and it covers the category of Home Decor. We have made sure to keep the opportunity to provide us their guest posts for every content writer who has had a past with a clear experience for the respective niche.
  • Every person or an aspirant for wanting a chance for their guest post to get a room on our blog should make sure to go through the provided guidelines and them and their post forwarded to us will be considered eligible for being a part of our blog until or unless it lacks in the quality of content we desire for our website.

Reasons That Might Not Let You Think Twice Before Writing for Us:

You might want to read out the pointers given below to find out why writing for us can turn out to be immensely beneficial for you:

  • We as an online website have claimed a very reputed position in the field of Home Decor, be it furniture or any other product’s that come our as one of the masterpieces at one’s house named art piece.
  • The values that lie into the core of our foundation is to make sure mending of blogs and content which is easily approached by SEO.
  • The no of visitors on our website crosses thousands and thousands every month that comes by. Therefore gives your content the exposure to every single visit to our site.
  • Our website and the content that has been, is being and will ever be posted on it has a quirk of its own. We believe in providing the most innovative and unique approach to everything possible.

How Can Home Decor Guest Posting Turn Out to Be Beneficial for You as an Individual?

  • One of the very obvious reasons for why you should choose guest posting is, you get to promote your work and attract audience for the work you have done.
  • Secondly the SEO services on your own website get enhanced cause of the backlinks on a globally popular website like ours.
  • Guest posting does not only help you grow from being a budding blogger to a full bloomed blog writer, guest posting can also be very helpful for larger businesses to attract organic traffic into their sites. Following are a few benefits of guest blogging:
  • Increasing traffic and No. of audience interested in your niche: Guest posting helps you gain a lot of traffic into your site especially when you write for the niche you are blogging on. Your content quality on the guest post will make sure to attract the audience you have always wanted to target into your site or business.
  • Ensure a better ranking on the search results for your own blog on the Home Decor niche: Being a part of the online writing industry you are very well aware that the presence of a single link to your website on a very popular website on your niche can help you gain the best SEO Services. Once you try guest blogging and take it seriously, your own work and business you have always wanted to promote, will be able to jump lot of pages forward in the search engine optimization.
  • Create Influence:With starting to write guest post on very popular websites you will get yourself acquainted with a lot of dream bloggers that you have always looked up to. Not only that but also your work on the different sites will make sure to provide you the exact appreciation you have always deserved. This way you can mark the beginning of being someone who has the power to influence.
  • Boost your social media following: Writing for a website that is very well known and has a great social influence will help you earn the popularity that will score you a great number of followers. You will come into the vast world as an individual on just the basis of the great quality guest post you have managed to source on different websites.

Which Content Sent in Will Be Prioritized for Publishing on the Blog?

Following are the points that explain are priorities very well:

  • We have made sure to create a website and attract audience with that quirk of ours. We expect the same uniqueness and no plagiarism in the guest posts sent to us.
  • Also you need to keep in mind that we make sure to dispose of the articles that are taken down and copied from some other website. You have to make sure that if you submit a content to us it should have the essence of uniqueness you exhibit.
  • A content that is more in a news format and lesser on an article format is also not looked upon as something we will want in our website.

Make Sure to Go Through These Guidelines Before Deciding to Send in a Guest Post:

Following instructions followed to every syllable will be a very important factor on selection of your guest post:

  • The guest post that are submitted to us should be very well talking and revolving around only the niche that our website covers that is home decor. If there comes in a post which his to know extent touching the topic of home decor any kind of innovations for decorating your home those posts will be discarded and not be taken into consideration. We also not in any sense appreciate the guest blogger to incorporate promotions for themselves in the guest post.
  • An ideal word limit for any article would be 900 words when it comes to minimum words and 2000 words when it comes to maximum words. Any post that is the exceeding the maximum numbers and not following the minimum numbers provided will not be given any priority or a second thought.
  • When providing a guest post that has been inspired from different sources you will have to make sure to provide references and appreciation to the places you took inspiration from. The website and our team will not take any responsibility for copyright infringement on your work.
  • To make your content better and more creative you should make sure to provide some images and videos related to the content you are providing. These videos and images will help your content in being more preferred and unique.
  • Once you are sending in a guest post to us we do allow you to provide links for backing up any data you want to. One thing that you need to make a point to be noted of is that we do not allow or entertain any links to the competitors we have.

What Will Be the Instructions for Turning in a Guest Post?

  • Your guest posts turned in will be accepted if they are in the following formats:
  • A document on word
  • Document created on Google Docs. etc.
  • The content you want to turn in can be sent through the medium of email or as a link of Google document on the mail address mentioned by us.
  • You are given the liberty to provide the information about you and links to the other work that has been done by you.

Methods You Can Turn in the Home Decor Guest Post in:

There are two guidelines you can follow when turning in a guest post, they are as mentioned below

  • Everyone’s aware of pitching, working for the first time for any new source is tricky to decide and we understand that. You can take the first step towards this partnership between us by providing in a pitch for the post you want should be published on our site.
  • Secondly, you can trust us and send in an attached pitch and the article with the mail you drop by on our mail box for your post being published on our site.

Words We Would Like to Depart With:

  • Due to a lot and variety of guest posts that are incoming daily into our mailbox and any other medium through which they reach us, we might not be able to revert back as expected by you. What you need to keep remember is, we here are very much in awe of each one of you to try and take your time to send in guest posts for our blog.
  • We request you to not lose all the motivation harbored by you if we are not able to contact you. Keep up the good work and we surely will be able to find the diamond in a coal mine together.
  • All the home decor posts that are sent in hope of being published though do not get published, still they are highly appreciated.
  • We have made it our goal to publish a multiple number of posts on the home decor blog we manage, so this might be a very big reason for your post facing a delayed publishing, even after it is considered and accepted by the team.
  • If your guest post is liked and chosen to be published on our blog by the team, you will be given proper details about the date of publishing first-hand.
  • We are very serious about the posts and articles that are selected for being posted on our blog for home decor, a very intimate read is carried out and the best of the articles that came in is chosen in the interval of 4 to 5 days.
  • You should also be aware of the fact that due to a lot of work on our table, not every article or post that comes in and is rejected for being chosen is seconded with the opinion of where it went wrong.
  • For the case in which the article that you sent for being considered as a Guest Post on our blog isn’t reverted back on, you can feel free to use it and publish it on any other platform you wish to.

Home Decor Write for us submissions: teamsecondmile@gmail.com