With Straight Talk, how can you change your phone number?

Call the Straight Talk customer support department to change a Straight Talk phone number. As of 2015, you can process this change over the phone with a live agent or through an automated voice system, but not online.

After dialling the toll-free number, an automated service will ask you to choose your language. To choose English as your language, press 1. It offers a menu of possibilities from which to choose. Press five to access the choice for services, which includes technical help, first. In accordance with the specific service area, the automated message again offers a range of options for the caller to choose from.

In order to update the phone number, press three as instructed by the automated message. Call 1-800-299-7784 from a home phone to place a call. Follow the directions in the automated message. Press five to change your current Straight Talk phone number and get a new one based on your local calling region after choosing your language.

Only if Straight Talk offers service in the target ZIP code is the phone able to be reactivated with a different ZIP code. A current phone number from another company can be transferred to a Straight Talk phone. The phone number that has to be ported over to a Straight Talk device must still be in use with the present service provider.

Up to four wireless number changes are permitted annually with Straight Talk. The full phone number must be altered in order to change an area code. A new phone number or a phone number that has been ported from another carrier can be used to set up new service with Straight Talk. Accounts that are inactive for more than 30 days can lose their phone number and need to replace it when they are reactivated.

It takes a few hours to a week to transfer an existing wireless phone number to Straight Talk. If there is a delay from the phone company, porting a land line number to Straight Talk could take up to 30 days. Only working phone numbers on accounts with a clean record may be migrated to Straight Talk.

Either over the phone with a customer service agent or online at Straight Talk’s activation page, you can port in an existing number. When the preceding carrier ends service, activating a Straight Talk phone with a number from another carrier is finished. Until this step is finished, the phone number cannot transfer and activate.


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