Why Was Albert Einstein so Smart?

Einstein was so intelligent because he was an expert in physics and spent most of his time contemplating solutions to difficulties. After his death in 1955, his brain was removed and kept for neuroanatomists to study. Einstein’s parietal lobe was 15 percent larger than the normal person’s. Neuroscientists assert that the right parietal lobe is associated with mathematical reasoning.

A study of Einstein’s brain produced unexpected findings, such as the absence of an excess of neurons. Neuroscientists once believed that more neurons equated better intelligence and that neurons were the only brain cells that talked with one another. Einstein’s brain contained an above-average number of glial cells. A glial cell is a type of brain cell that was once regarded to be unimportant to intelligence.

Scientists discovered that specific glail cells called astrocytes communicate by chemical signals as a result of a more thorough examination of Albert Einstein’s brain. Einstein’s right parietal lobe and other regions of his brain important for mathematical reasoning contained an abnormally high number of astrocytes. But Einstein’s mind was not limited to his brain. In addition to his diligence and enthusiasm for physics challenges, his imagination and ingenuity also contributed to his intelligence.


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