Why Is Killing Crickets Bad Luck?

Killing insects is considered bad luck in Asian culture because crickets have been regarded to as “watchdogs” for thousands of years, guardians that chirp and make noise when danger comes. Crickets are regarded a symbol of good luck in Native American culture, and mimicking their chirping is considered rude. Killing a cricket inside the house is considered bad luck in Western culture because a chirping cricket represents a future windfall.

Crickets are a symbol of joy and pleasure all throughout the world. Male crickets make a chirping sound when they rub their rear legs together, and this sound is their mating call. According to mythology, when one hears the song of a cricket, it is time to rejoice since the cricket represents a positive turning point in one’s life. Cricket amulets are particularly popular in Europe and the Middle East, where they are seen as a symbol of protection, good fortune, and peace.

Crickets dwell on the ground, and those who consider themselves psychic feel that this serves as a reminder to humans to stay grounded in their daily lives. Crickets are thought to protect the dwelling from negative energy and malevolent spirits.


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