Why Is Japan Called the “land of the Rising Sun”?

Japan is known as the “country of the rising sun” because, when viewed from China, the sun appears to rise in the direction of Japan. The Japanese refer to their nation as “Nippon” or “Nihon,” which literally means “sun’s birthplace.” It is approximately translated as “country of the rising sun.”

Beyond Japan, there is nothing except the Pacific Ocean, and nothing else is seen from the continent. The Chinese viewed this scene from the coast, which gave the illusion that the rising sun originated in Japan, thus giving the country its nickname. Additionally, the name emphasises Japan’s location in regard to China. It is located straight east of China’s coastline.

During the early stages of Japan’s history, China had a significant impact on the burgeoning Japanese culture. It is claimed that the Japanese adopted the name Nihon for their country because of how China perceived the nation. During the Sui Dynasty, the Chinese gave Japan its name. During the Taika Reform (645 AD), the Japanese variant of the term, Nippon, was officially adopted in records and manuscripts. This allowed the country’s administration to be centralised as opposed to remaining a collection of individually owned areas.


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