Why is a Prince Albert genital piercing called that?

The Prince Albert piercing technique is named after Queen Victoria’s husband, Prince Albert of England. This form of piercing is thought to have been worn by the monarch.

Tight trousers were a popular style for men in the early 1800s. Men would typically have a ring put in their penis that could be linked to a hook inside their pants to prevent an ugly bulge. This ring, known as a dressing ring, would allow males to neatly tuck their genitals to one side. It is thought that Queen Victoria’s husband got a piercing like this.

In India before Prince Albert’s time, genital piercings were popular. Fakirs, or spiritual men, would put rings and hooks in their genitals. To stretch their penis to unnatural lengths, they affixed weights to these rings or hooks. Spectators who wanted to see the fakirs’ exceptionally enormous appendages would have to pay a fee.

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