Why Don’t Native People Have Hair on Their Faces?

Native American men usually don’t have moustaches or full beards, but that doesn’t mean they can’t grow facial hair. Most Native American men like to keep their faces clean-shaven, but men from some tribes, like those in the Northwest, do wear moustaches and even full beards.

One of the most common false ideas about Native Americans is that they can’t grow facial hair. People also think that Native Americans ripped out their beards all the time until the hair stopped growing.

The many novels written by a German teacher named Karl May, who, interestingly, never met a Native American in his whole life, contribute to this Native American stereotype.

During the time of the “Long Walk,” many of the Navajo leaders had moustaches. Native Americans with beards have also been seen in the past. The Dominguez-Escalante expedition met some Native American Indians from Utah who were part of the Paiute tribe and had full beards.

It is also thought that this part of the Paiute tribe spread rumours that Spanish explorers had been in the area at that time. Some people on the Dominguez-Escalante expedition thought they were meeting Jesuit priests when they saw the Paiutes. This was because the Paiutes wore beards.


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