Why Does a Colonoscopy Cause Back Pain?

According to Dr. Grzegorz Stanko of HealthcareMagic, back pain after a colonoscopy can be caused by an unintentional disc herniation or a bladder infection. This back discomfort, on the other hand, could just be a persistent problem that has flared up as a result of a change in activity level or footwear.

According to Dr. Stanko, the most prevalent side effect of colonoscopies is the entrapment of air in the colon, which causes bloating and cramps. Back discomfort is caused by an inadvertent herniation of a disc in the back or a bladder infection when this surgery is performed. The posture in which the surgeon and technicians manipulate the patient’s body throughout the surgery may induce irritation of the spine or perhaps a herniation of a disc. Sciatica is a disorder in which back pain extends down the buttocks and legs. An orthopaedic specialist should be sought in this scenario.

According to Dr. Stanko, if the pain does not appear to be caused by a herniated disc, the reason of the back discomfort is most likely a urinary tract infection. This back pain is accompanied by frequent urination and a burning feeling while urinating. A urinalysis is recommended if these symptoms are present, and antibiotics may be ordered.


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