Why do I keep seeing billboards with the phrase “I Hate Steven Singer”?

The “I loathe Steven Singer” billboards are a part of a lighthearted marketing campaign for Philadelphia, Pennsylvania’s Steven Singer Jewelers. Radio commercials also make use of the phrase.

The male customer of the jewellery store who uttered the catchphrase that appeared on the billboard did so after notifying Mr. Singer that the diamond ring he gave his wife had given birth to a new child.

In Philadelphia, the words “I loathe Steven Singer” are displayed on billboards along major thoroughfares. The fascinating motto is presented in rough white writing against a black background on the straightforward billboard design.

Below that is the website address for the business. The lettering on the billboard is remarkably similar to what one could find on a schoolboard. Many people initially believed the billboards were the product of a spiteful lady when they first appeared.

The irreverent humour of the billboard is intended for a younger male readership. The business promotes chicken wing eating competitions and boasts that one of its outlets has the biggest bubble bath in the entire world.

These fit in with the company’s lighthearted, irreverent image. Even a race car that reads “I despise Steven Singer” runs in NASCAR Nationwide Series competitions. Although the uncommon use of harsh language in Steven Singer’s billboards has garnered him admirers, it has also led to some confusion among the general population.


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