Why Did John Hagee Divorce?

John Hagee admitted his immorality in a letter to his church in 1975, following which he divorced his wife, Martha Downing. The specific nature of the immorality is unknown. On April 12, 1976, he married Diana Castro, a member of his congregation. His remarriage so soon after his divorce led to claims that he had an affair during his first marriage.

In 1960, Hagee married Downing, and the couple had two children. Hagee was the pastor of Trinity Church in San Antonio, but he resigned due to criticism over his divorce.

Hagee and Castro have three children, Matthew, Christina, and Sandy. Hagee’s children with Castro are also artists and have performed as The Hagees.

The Church at Castle Hills was established by Hagee on May 11, 1975. Although it began with only 25 members, it expanded rapidly, resulting in two expansions. The original sanctuary contained 1,600 seats, while the second sanctuary contained 5,000 seats. The second sanctuary was named Cornerstone Church by Hagee. Later, his son Matthew succeeded him as executive pastor of the church.

Numerous religious television networks broadcast Hagee’s sermons. Additionally, he has formed religious groups.


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