Why Can’t I Open Yahoo! Mail?

If Yahoo! Mail would not open, it is usually because of a browser fault, a mistyped username or password, or a problem with the Yahoo! servers. Clear the browser’s cache and reload the page before confirming that the right username and password are being used. If problems persist, it is advised to contact Yahoo! customer care for extra assistance.

Users with login troubles can contact Yahoo! support directly. The company provides online support on its website and telephone support at 1-800-318-0612. Yahoo! Help covers subjects such as forgotten passwords, mobile email access, locked accounts, restoring settings, and determining if an account has been compromised.

If the issue is a browser and deleting the cache had no effect, verify that the browser has been configured to allow Yahoo! use. To modify permissions in Firefox, type “about:permissions” into the address bar. This should provide a list of websites on the page’s left-hand side. Locate the list of Yahoo! servers and erase the cookies from each one individually. Note that various browsers may have different cookie deletion techniques.


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