Why Are Seagulls a Protected Species?

When the number of seagulls dropped to a dangerous level, they were added to the list of endangered species. Seagulls are birds that migrate, and they nest in places that can be hard on the environment. In North America and some parts of Europe, the law says that seagulls can’t be hurt.

When it comes to being an endangered species, seagulls are in the same group as a number of other migratory bird species. Like other birds that migrate, gulls nest along the coast and near lakes. Migratory birds have fragile breeding grounds, which means that bird populations suffer when breeding grounds are destroyed.

Seagulls are protected as a bird species, but this means that their numbers are growing and they are becoming a nuisance in some populated areas.

Gulls eat fish, dead animals, and food scraps they find in the water or on land. When birds can’t find enough food at sea or along the coast, they often go to nearby towns and cities to eat.

Because it is against the law to kill gulls, reducing their numbers needs special permission from the law. Some government groups use both non-lethal and lethal ways to reduce the number of gulls when they need to protect people’s health and safety.


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