Who Was Saint Grace?

Saint Grace, who was the sister of Saint Maria and Saint Bernard, is a Catholic saint. She was originally Muslim but converted to Catholicism.

Saint Grace, together with her brother and sister, assisted in converting their brother Almanzor to the Catholic faith. They desired for him to see that the Muslim lifestyle was not the best choice and that the Catholic church may redeem his soul. Their fourth sibling was uninterested in converting and was deeply devoted to his Muslim traditions. He put his religion over his family’s blood and betrayed them to the authorities. Saint Grace was executed by military forces in 1180, and a feast honours her on the first of June.

Grace, her brothers, and her sister had a Muslim Caliph for a father. He was a higher authority in the Muslim church and was able to supply his family with almost all they required. When the majority of his children concluded that Catholicism was the right path to take, his status as a church leader caused him to suffer severe embarrassment. After the children’s conversion to Catholicism, the family never reunited.


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