Who is the Wife of P. Allen Smith?

People say that P. Allen Smith has a wife, but this has never been proven. He is also said to be gay and to have a male partner in his life. Mr. Smith is known for keeping his personal life a secret, and he has never confirmed either rumour in public.

Some news stories say that P. Allen Smith, a well-known gardening and lifestyle expert, either has a wife named Debbie or was married to a woman named Debbie at some point in his life, maybe before he became famous.

These rumours are vague, and Smith has never said anything to clear them up. But in one episode of his gardening show that took place in his own home, he seems to introduce a live-in boyfriend he calls his “life partner.”

Smith has never said exactly what he meant by that phrase, but many people have taken it to mean that he was gay and that he was referring to his life partner.


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