Who Is O. Dorsey?

In December 1878, an African-American man named Osbourn Dorsey created the doorknob and doorstop. In the same year, he was successful in getting a patent for his invention. Because of the time in which he lived and the fact that he was African-American, virtually little is known about his life. Whether the individual was born free or a liberated slave is still a mystery to historians.

Dorsey’s residence and, if any, his other inventions are unknown to historians. Even now, historians are unaware of Dorsey’s occupation. The majority of the details on Dorsey and his ideas are found in his patent application.

People used a number of techniques to close and secure doors prior to Dorsey’s invention. To keep doors closed, many individuals utilised some sort of lock, while others used leather straps. Even after they were created, doorknobs took a while for people to fully accept and start putting them on their homes’ doors.

Alexander Miles, who created the elevator a few years before Dorsey created the doorknob, is another notable African-American inventor. Garrett Morgan created the traffic signal in 1923. Fantastic innovator Fredrick M. Jones created the thermostat control in 1960.


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