Who Is George T. Sampson and What Are His Inventions?

In 1892, African-American inventor George T. Sampson received the first patent for an automatic clothes drier. In addition, he created a sled propeller.

Sampson was a native of Dayton, Ohio. His clothes drier, protected by U.S. patent number 476,416, consisted of a frame that hanged garments above a burner so that they dried more quickly. England and France were inventing clothes dryers in the shape of ventilators, which were essentially barrels with holes, prior to Sampson’s invention. Over a fire, the barrels would be turned by hand. Sampson’s design was likewise a ventilator, but it did not require an open flame and utilised frames rather than a barrel. George T. Sampson is credited for opening the path for the development of contemporary clothes dryers. The first fully automatic dryer was created by the Hamilton Manufacturing Company in 1938. Electric clothes dryers did not exist until around 1915.

Sampson’s other known sled propeller patent, number 312,388, was filed in 1885 and featured the attachment of a propelling mechanism to a tricycle. The wheels were replaced with runners so that the vehicle could operate on snow. Those inhabiting the sled would drive the propeller using pedals with their feet. Diagrams for both of Sampson’s patents are still on file with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.


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