Who Invented Tomato Ketchup ?

In 1812, James Mease devised the first-known tomato ketchup recipe. Mease was a scientist and horticulturist who created the first tomato-based ketchup by combining tomato pulp, brandy, and spices. Historically, Mease referred to tomatoes as “love apples.”

Before Mease’s formulation, ketchup was an Asian fermented fish sauce. The sauce was attempted to be replicated with ingredients such as mushrooms, anchovies, oysters, and walnuts. Prior to the arrival of the tomato, ketchup was a thin, dark sauce that was frequently added to soups, sauces, and meat and tasted salty and fishy. Due to a limited tomato growing season, commercial manufacture of tomato ketchup was initially difficult. This led to difficulties in keeping tomato pulp throughout the year, resulting in the presence of bacteria and other impurities in early commercial tomato ketchup.


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