Who Invented Sprewell Spinners?

According to Tru Spinners, J.D. Gragg invented Sprewell spinners in the 1980s. However, according to Tire Review, David Fowlkes Jr. created the devices as a college project.

Sprewell spinners are hubcaps for vehicle wheels that continue to spin after the vehicle has stopped. Tru-Spinners states that Gragg patented and commercialised the spinners as American Tru-Spinners in 1992. Fowlkes’ spinners were created in 1990. According to Tire Reviews, they were offered by Davin Wheels.

Following an episode of MTV Cribs, the spinners were dubbed “Sprewell spinners.” The episode, which debuted in 2001, featured former NBA player Latrell Sprewell. It displayed his vehicle’s spinning wheels. Despite being manufactured by Davin Wheels, all spinners were known as Sprewell spinners.


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