Who Exactly Are the Moabites in the Modern Era?

The territory that is now the country of Jordan once served as the home to the ancient nation of Moab. The people who call themselves Jordanians are descended from Moabite ancestors who have maintained their presence in the same geographic region as their ancestors. Even though politicians in the Middle East have changed ancient borderlines and the names that were originally given to ancient properties, the ancestors of those who currently live in those locations cannot be changed.

Moabite ancestry can be traced back to Abraham’s nephew Lot, who fled Sodom with his two daughters prior to the city’s abrupt destruction. Moabite ancestry can be traced back to Abraham (Genesis 19). The story that is told about Lot and his daughters in the Old Testament indicates that after they escaped, they immediately began living in caves.

The two young women hatched a plan to repopulate the earth after they came to the conclusion that the fiery destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah had probably occurred all over the world. Both of them became pregnant and had sons as a result of their plan to get their father drunk and then have sexual relations with him in order to continue the family line. The older sister gave birth to a son and named him Moab. Moab went on to become the progenitor of the Moabite people.

The territory that was inhabited by the Moabites is referred to in the Bible as “the field of Moab” (which was surrounded by natural fortifications), “the land of Moab” (which was an open area stretching from Arnon to Gilead), and “the plains of Moab” (which were located in the tropical depths of the Jordan River valley).


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