Who Are the 12 People Who Followed Jesus and Became His Disciples?

During the time that Jesus spent on Earth, he had a core group of 12 men who served as his closest disciples. The followers of Jesus, who are also referred to as apostles in some contexts, came from a variety of different places and cultures. In the New Testament of the Bible, there are three gospels that each detail how one of the disciples first became acquainted with Jesus.

The following is a list of the 12 disciples of Jesus:


The Zealot, Simon the

The Apostle Simon,



Alpheus’s Son James the Elder

James, the Son of Zebedee James





It was Judas Iscariot.

Who Were Jesus’ Followers Called the Disciples?

It was common practise for students who wanted to learn from teachers and rabbis during the time of Jesus for those students to approach the teachers and rabbis directly. When students wanted to learn more about the religion, they would ask a rabbi if they could follow them around. Jesus acted in the exact opposite way. He did not wait for his disciples to come to him before inviting them to follow him; rather, he went to his disciples and asked them to follow him.

The twelve men who ended up following Jesus were not from the Jewish establishment, nor did they have strong ties to the faith that they professed. They worked instead in the fishing and farming industries, as well as in tax collection.

What Weren’t the Disciples Going to Do?

During the time that Jesus was on earth, his disciples were devout followers who were often present when he performed miracles. After he had passed away, it was up to the disciples to found the Christian Church and continue the work that Jesus had begun. The books that make up the New Testament were written by a number of the disciples. These writings tell the story of Jesus and record the early history of the Christian church.

A significant number of Jesus’ disciples wound up going out into the world to establish new Christian communities and to preach the gospel of Jesus. Many people lost their lives because of the things they believed in.

The Betrayer Judas Iscariot and the One Who Would Take His Place

Because he was the disciple who ultimately betrayed Jesus, Judas Iscariot is likely to be one of the most well-known of the 12 disciples. Aside from the fact that he betrayed Jesus for thirty pieces of silver, very little is known about Judas Iscariot. After the treachery, it is also common knowledge that he took his own life by hanging himself in retaliation.

Matthias took Judas’ place following the latter’s treachery and death. Even though he was one of Jesus’ disciples, Matthias did not stick with Jesus during his lifetime. He was selected by the other 11 disciples by using the method of drawing lots.


Peter, along with his brother Andrew, was one of the first disciples to follow Jesus. Peter was also one of the first disciples to deny themselves. During the time that Peter and Andrew were out fishing, Jesus found them. Simon is another name for Peter, and in some circles, people refer to him as Simon Peter.

In addition to being one of the first people to follow Jesus and being well-known for his devotion to Jesus, Peter is also notorious for contradicting Jesus three times in the moments leading up to his execution.


The gospel of John contains the majority of the information that is known about the disciple Thomas. Because he had the most pessimistic outlook of the 12 disciples, Thomas is also known by his nickname “Doubting Thomas.” It is believed that after hearing from the others that Jesus had risen from the dead, Thomas responded by saying that he would not believe it until he saw Jesus for himself and saw the gash in his side from the spear that had been thrust into him.


Matthew, who also goes by the name Levi, is the person who is credited with writing the gospel of Matthew, which can be found in the New Testament. The fact that Matthew was a tax collector, a job that was considered dishonourable in the Jewish religion, is the thing that stands out the most about him. Additionally, it is believed that Matthew was one of the first authors to write about the life of Jesus.


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