Who Are Glenn Beck’s Advertisers?

As of August 2015, major advertisers on Glenn Beck’s radio programme and TheBlaze TV network include the precious metals investing firm Goldline and the identity theft prevention company LifeLock. Beck himself has endorsement arrangements with both of these companies.

A number of corporations that had advertised on conservative star Glenn Beck’s radio show and Fox News television show have ceased doing so owing to problems surrounding his views. Particularly, in 2009, approximately 300 corporations removed commercials from Beck’s Fox News show after he stated comments about what he perceived to be President Barack Obama’s racist sentiments toward white Americans. This loss of advertisers follows a general trend of major businesses, such as J.C. Penney, Domino’s Pizza, and Clorox, pulling advertising from radio and television political talk shows.

In addition to the firms who have withdrawn their advertising due to Beck’s inflammatory utterances, there has been considerable debate surrounding the companies that have remained to sponsor Beck. During his stint at Fox News, Beck’s role as a paid representative for Goldline was scrutinised. Due to the apparent conflict of interest between Beck’s journalistic integrity and financial interests resulting from this endorsement contract, the endorsement deal was attacked.


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