Which States Comprise the Tri-State Region?

The tri-state region is comprised of three states: New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. The metropolis of New York City serves as the region’s geographic core. Eastern Pennsylvania may occasionally be included in the region instead of Connecticut.

The five boroughs of New York City or Long Island can be reached by vehicle, train, or bus from the areas of the states that make up the New York tri-state region. It may also cover further-flung regions that are capable of receiving broadcast television stations that originate in New York City. Other significant cities in the tri-state area include Buffalo, New York, Newark, Connecticut, Stamford, and Jersey City, New Jersey.

One of the tri-state regions that is mentioned more frequently in radio and television ads is the New York region. Other tri-state regions exist in the United States, such as Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky as well as Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware.


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