Which Periodic Table Elements Are Gases at Room Temperature?

How many elements are gases when the temperature is constant? There are 11 in total, and if you’ve looked at different parts of the periodic table, which lists and arranges chemical elements according to their structures and related properties, you could recognise them. Radon (Rn), xenon (Xe), krypton (Kr), argon (Ar), chlorine (Cl), neon (Ne), fluorine (F), oxygen (O), nitrogen (N), helium (He), and hydrogen are among the elements that are gases at room temperature (H).

In chemistry, the term “room temperature” often refers to a temperature range of 68 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit at standard atmospheric pressure, which is the pressure the air exerts at sea level on Earth.

At room temperature, we are aware of which elements are gases; nevertheless, at much higher temperatures, other elements go through phase changes and become gases. When they reach their boiling points, this occurs. Different elements liquefy or melt as they get hotter. When they start to boil, they begin to evaporate, which denotes their transition into gases.

A metal that is solid at normal temperature is iron, for instance. Iron can, however, convert to gas as the liquid evaporates when heated to its boiling point, which is over 5,000 degrees Fahrenheit. The only elements that are present in the gas phase at room temperature are those that are listed above.


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