Which Party Line Numbers Are Free?

Two free party-line phone numbers listed on Talkee are 712-432-7463 and two others are 218-862-3788 and 218-862-3784. On the internet, you can get numbers for particular groups like Afro, Anglo, Asian, or LGBT groups. Additionally, viewers can look for phone numbers by state.

Talkee promotes the fact that every line is 100 percent confidential and cost-free. Callers are routed through the system after dialling the number. New callers are required to listen to an introduction; they can afterwards ignore it. A room number is then provided for one-on-one conversations.

The caller will then be pointed toward the lobby. They can pick from choices like live personals, group chat rooms, and voice mail here. There are only 8 persons allowed in each room, which has a number. To go back or advance to a different room, the caller can push 6 or 7, accordingly.


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