Which Occupations Start With the Letter J?

Numerous frequent jobs begin with the initial “j,” including janitor, jailer, jeweller, jockey, judge, justice of the peace, and journalist. Additionally, occupations such as judge advocate and judge advocate general begin with “j.”

In addition to the more obvious occupations that begin with the letter “j,” a variety of slang terms describing professions also begin with the letter. Jazzer, jazzbo, and jazzman are slang terms for a serious jazz player. A jacktar is an alternative term for a sailor, whereas a jager is a hunter. As a more inclusive term, jack-of-all-trades refers to a handyman or multitalented person who can handle numerous activities competently. There are also three “j” words used to indicate transitory or situational jobs, such as juror, jail house lawyer, and joiner, who builds interior woodwork such as doors, moulding, and staircases.

There are also numerous “j” jobs that originated in a different region or era. The term jobber is used by the British to denote a person who trades in stock exchange stocks. In Medieval France and England, jongleurs were wandering minstrels who entertained by reading and singing lyrical poetry.


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