Which Cakes Are Made by the Melting Method?

The melting technique in baking can be used to make brownies, chocolate cake, carrot cake, and gingerbread cake. In baking, the melting technique is typically employed to produce denser, moister cakes. The consistency of cakes created with the melting technique is typically stickier than that of conventional cakes.

Cakes produced by melting frequently include heavier components like crushed nuts. In general, melting method cakes benefit from resting for a day before serving to facilitate cutting and aid in moisture retention.

In many cake recipes, eggs are added after creaming the fat and sugar together. The fat and sugar are slowly cooked until they melt together in the melting process, in contrast. After melting, the fat and sugar are taken off the fire and allowed to cool. The addition of eggs and dry components like flour occurs after the mixture has completely cooled.

Cakes prepared using the melting process don’t rise as much as cakes cooked using more conventional methods. However, raising the cake’s mixture using baking soda can assist.

The cooking process for cakes created by melting may take longer, and they should be checked often. Covering cakes with foil will allow them to finish baking without burning even if the tops of the cakes begin to brown.


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