Where Is the AOSS Button on the PlayStation 3?

The PlayStation 3 does not have an AOSS button. A portion of the process for configuring a PlayStation 3 to connect to a wireless network will need the user to hit the AOSS button. This button is not present on the PlayStation 3 console, but rather on the wifi router.

AOSS is the abbreviation for Automatic One-Stop Secure System, which is a system that enables users to connect to a secured wireless connection with the press of a button. This functionality was developed by Buffalo Technology to provide WEP and WLAN wireless access with the highest level of security.

When configuring the PlayStation 3 to connect to a wireless network, it is advisable to power down all network devices for at least two minutes. Before connecting the PlayStation 3 to the network, it is advantageous if the router’s AOSS feature is already set to Automatic if it has this capability.


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