Where Do I Get the HM Surf on “Pokemon Emerald”?

In “Pokémon Emerald,” you can get the HM surf by beating the Petalburg City Gym Leader. Visit Wally’s House after beating the Gym Leader. Wally’s family will give you HM-03, “Surf.”

For the HM, In order to finish “Pokémon Emerald,” you need to finish the Petalburg City Gym. The Petalburg City Gym isn’t very hard, which is good. Some gyms require you to figure out a puzzle, but this one only needs you to beat the different Pokemon Trainers and then the Gym Leader. You have to fight seven trainers, including the “Gym Leader.” All of the trainers in the gym use normal-type Pokemon, so beating them should be easy if you use fighting-type Pokemon.

The problem is that each room has a trainer who specialises in a different type of attack. The following is written on each label: There is a One-Hit KO Room, an Accuracy Room, an Attack Room, a Defense Room, a Speed Room, and a Recovery Room. Be ready to fight back against these specialties.

Once you’ve beaten all of the trainers in the gym, you’ll meet Norman, who is in charge of the gym. Norman has four Pokemon. His Spinda is level 27, his Slakoth is level 27, his Linoone is level 29, and his Slaking is level 31. Again, these are all normal-type Pokemon that are not as strong as fighting-type Pokemon.

When you beat Norman, you get the Balance Badge and the “Facade” TM-42. After you finish the gym, you can go to Wally’s house, which is right to the left of the gym. Here, HM-03, “Surf,” comes from Wally’s family.


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