Where Did the Flagg Brothers Go?

Flagg Bros. is a Genesco company that does business as Flagg Bros. of Puerto Rico. During the 1970s and early 1980s, Flagg Bros. was based in Nashville, Tennessee. They had shoe stores all over the country and sold men’s clothes through a catalogue. During the 1970s, its parent company, Jarman Shoes, which is now called Genesco, struggled to make money and tried different business plans, such as focusing on selling shoes in stores and moving away from manufacturing and clothing.

At least until 1982, ads for the men’s clothing line Flagg Bros. Rise Up Fashions were in magazines. The clothes were made for young people who live in cities. They had things like platform shoes for men and velvet suits with jackets that came to the waist. At the beginning of the 1980s, the company’s new leaders decided to focus on shoe sales and merged the Flagg Bros. brand into Jarman Shoes.

In 1990, Genesco asked for a trademark for a company called Flagg Bros. of Puerto Rico and got it. On the application, it says that the company is based in Nashville and sells shoes and clothes. Bloomberg.com lists Flagg Bros. of Puerto Rico as a subsidiary of Genesco, but there is no information about how the company fits into Genesco’s current business. As of November 2015, Genesco’s main goal is to sell shoes and hats.

Genesco owns both the Johnston & Murphy and Lidz brands. Genesco has moved all of its manufacturing operations outside of the United States. The last factory to move was in 2002.


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