Where Did Beth Moore’s Son Michael Go?

After much prayer and thought, Beth Moore’s son Michael was returned to his birth mother at the age of eleven. Despite this, she still sees him on a regular basis. Moore and her husband Keith adopted a close friend’s 4-year-old son after raising two girls, and when the birth mother was able to parent Michael again, the Moore family returned him.

Moore raised Michael for seven years as her own son. One of the many hardships she faced in her life was returning the boy to his birth mother. Moore’s book “Feathers for My Nest” details the adoption process, including how difficult it was for her to give up Michael.

Moore was a victim of child abuse, according to Joy magazine. Living Proof Ministries, which she founded, encourages women to conduct their lives according to Christian values. Despite being reared by Christian parents, she developed a distinct relationship with God as a result of her battles to free herself from slavery.

According to Charisma magazine, the abuse occurred between the ages of 5 and the end of primary school. Moore’s mother died of cancer when she was a teenager, and she struggled with self-esteem. Moore was able to start her Houston-based women’s ministry as a result of all of these disappointments.

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