Where Can You Locate the Model Number on Maytag Washing Machines?

The model numbers are located beneath the control panel on the back of Maytag top-loading washing machines. Users can examine the interior of the washer lid from the right bottom corner and the left side of the base frame.

Front-loading versions’ serial numbers are occasionally located on the top or bottom of the door jamb or inside the door. The numbers are located on the top of the cabinet or on the left or right inside rear corners of the dryer area on Maytag all-in-one compact washer/dryer sets.

All model numbers are printed on stickers with Maytag serial numbers. The latter are important for determining the date of manufacture of a machine. For instance, if the first letter of the serial number is a “B,” the machine was manufactured in 2014. If the letter to the right of the “B” is a “A”, the machine was manufactured in January. Every 12 years, the year letter codes change, while the monthly codes remain constant.

Along with the model number, this information is useful when searching for replacement components. If a Maytag washer is included in an insurance claim, the specific manufacturing date is also required.


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