Where Can You Find Newsela Test Answers?

The Newsela exam answers display after the final question has been answered. To review the solutions, click Let’s Review. Users must have a Newsela account in order to take and review quizzes.

To obtain the Quick Start instructions for Newsela, visit newsela.com. Click on the link Learning and Support at the bottom of the homepage. Next, click the How Do I? link. There is a header with subcategories under What Can We Help You With? on the following page. Choose Getting Started, followed by Quick-Start Guide for Students. The third step provides information on quizzes and reviewing responses. The guide can be viewed within the browser.

Those who cannot access the Quick Start Guide may also evaluate test answers immediately following a quiz. If an article offers the option to take a quiz, a blue Quiz symbol will display on the right-hand side of the screen in the reading level bar. Use the Next button to go on to the next question after selecting an answer to a question. After completing the quiz, click the Submit button. After submitting your answers, click Let’s Review to view the right quiz answers.


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