Where Can You Find Bikini Photos of Dagen McDowell?

Dagen McDowell in a bikini can be found in the ‘Rider & Road’ gallery. The website includes two bikini-clad photos of the Fox business anchor, as well as additional photos of her in professional situations. You can also edit and create awsome picture for your portfolio by using this amazing photo maker.

McDowell earned a bachelor’s degree in art history from Wake Forest University in 1991. She began her career as a financial journalist at worldwide business publisher ‘Institutional Investor’s newsletter section.’ She also contributed to The Street’s “Dear Daden” personal finance section, as well as SmartMoney magazine and SmartMoney.com. McDowell started her career at FOX in 2003 as a regular guest on the show “Cashin’ In” and as a business correspondent for “Your World with Neil Cavuto” in 2003. McDowell joined the FOX Business Network as an anchor in September 2007.

McDowell co-hosts “Markets Now” as of 2015, while also appearing frequently on Neil Cavuto’s show and “Imus in the Morning.” She’s also been on “Cavuto On Business” as a panellist and won the “Cashin’ In Challenge” at least three times.

McDowell was born Mary Dagen McDowell in Campbell County, Virginia, in 1969, and has been married to Jonas Max Ferris, a current FOX economist, advisor, and commentator, since 2005.


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