Where can I get Litmus Paper?

Litmus paper is sold in packs at pharmacies, medical supply stores, and health food stores in your area. It’s utilised in science investigations and for medicinal purposes to examine the body’s alkaline levels.

When starting a new food plan, litmus paper is commonly used to assess the pH balance, or alkaline balance, in the body. The strips are also used in a variety of home tests and experiments, including ovulation testing, pregnancy testing, and science experiments for home schooling. If you’re having trouble finding “litmus paper,” try searching for “pH strips.” Litmus paper, also known as pH paper, is widely found in medical offices, emergency rooms, and other medical-related facilities.

Litmus strips are most commonly used for urine testing, which many people are unaware of. A dropper is used to deliver a little amount of urine on the strip, or the strip is placed directly in the urine stream. Check the colour of the strip against the chart given with the strips after waiting at least 15 minutes. Litmus strips can be used to assess the pH balance of saliva. Blood may be utilised in some circumstances, depending on the medical test performed.


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