Where Can I Get a Copy of My High School Yearbook?

There are online businesses with scanned and archived versions of yearbooks from schools around the United States. OldHighSchoolYearbooks, E-Yearbook, and MyOldYearbookCD all sell an assortment of high school and college yearbooks.

OldHighSchoolYearbooks is an auction website that accepts bids on eBay for its collection of yearbooks from multiple states. E-Yearbook contains a large archive of middle school, high school, college, and military school yearbooks that is searchable. Any website visitor can view thumbnail-sized images of the pages of the yearbooks, but only registered members can view the full-sized photographs and complete yearbooks. The website provides monthly and annual membership subscriptions. MyOldYearbookCD is a website created specifically for reunion planners. Its purpose is to assist event organisers in creating a memorable occasion. The website’s library has over 4,500 yearbooks from across the United States. The yearbook images are digitised onto a CD so that the viewer can examine old yearbook photos in a fresh way.

The School Annual Publishing Company provides a few additional ways to purchase high school yearbooks. Contact the school, the school district, or the local library in the school’s community. These locations may have access to yearbooks or know where they can be gotten readily. If the school does not have a copy of the yearbook, someone there may have contact information for the alumni association’s administrator.


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