Where Are the Tattoo Schools in Texas?

International Institute of Tattoo, or IIT, is the most highly accredited tattoo school in Texas. It is located in Bryan, close to Texas A&M University. The apprenticeship programme lasts one year and educates prospective tattoo artists to work in or manage a professional licenced studio.

Generally speaking, tattooing is not often taught as a subject at academic institutions. The majority of tattoo artists study through an apprenticeship, such as IIT’s.

During their preparation to become tattoo artists, IIT students undergo thorough training in the use and maintenance of tattoo machines. Students also create and maintain needle bars and tubes, use sterilising equipment, adhere to aseptic protocols, and study all of the Texas Department of Health Services-mandated state standards for tattoo studios. The school emphasises teaching students both superior tattooing technique and how to quickly identify and correct errors.

Each class focuses on professional ethics. Additionally, the institution offers a course in basic body piercing. Outside of the classroom, students are required to attend two tattoo conventions and three tattoo seminars every year. In one of IIT’s Austin studios, students receive on-the-job training.

Upon completion of the programme, all equipment is transferred to the student.


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