When did Jesus make the “three scores and ten” promise in the Bible?

Jesus never asserts that a person will live to be threescore and ten, or 70 years, in the Bible. However, the verse “The days of our years are threescore years and ten” in Psalm 90:10 does make mention of that time frame.

“Threescore and ten” denotes the number 70 because a “score” equals 20. “Thirty is equal to three times 20, or sixty. Thus, “threescore” becomes 70 by adding 10. And even if they live to be four score years old due to strength, Psalm 90:10 continues, “their strength is labour and sorrow; for it is quickly cut off, and we fly away.”

According to Biblehub.com, this remark implies that it is very tough and painful to live to be 80 years old. Both translations come from the Bible’s King James Version. Instead of the more conventional “threescore and ten,” several additional translations simply state “70.”


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