When a Man Takes Estroven, What Happens?

According to Drugs.com, Estroven most likely functions as a vitamin supplement with heart, blood sugar, and nerve calming effects when a guy takes it. Estroven is a female-specific over-the-counter supplement.

Estroven is a nonprescription drug that doesn’t actually contain any female hormones. The major component of this product is a dietary supplement that also includes L-theanine, black cohosh, magnolia bark, gingko biloba, calcium, and selenium.

Estroven contains phytoestrogens in the form of soy isoflavones and other substances. These substances act as a female body’s natural hormones and, to a lesser extent, male bodies’ natural hormones.

The impact of these substances on men has not been the subject of considerable study. A few investigations did discover, however, that phytoestrogens aid in enhancing blood flow in the male cardiovascular system.

According to The World’s Healthiest Foods, investigations on male animals also revealed that phytoestrogens may help regulate blood sugar levels but may also reduce male fertility.


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