What’s the difference between husky sizes and regular sizes for boys?

The difference between husky and regular sizes for boys is that husky sizes are bigger in some places to fit boys better. Most husky pants have a bigger waist size but the same length inseam as regular sizes. Most husky shirts, on the other hand, have a bigger chest size.

If a boy isn’t of average height and waist size, Husky sizes might fit him best. You can tell what size a Husky is by adding a H to the size. A label that says 12H, for example, means that the item is a husky version of a size 12. Many brands also have slim sizes for boys who need clothes that fit them better than the average size. You can tell these sizes apart by adding a S to the size.

Boys pants usually come in more sizes than boy’s shirts and jackets because men’s shirts and jackets can be bought if a bigger size is needed. On the other hand, most boys can’t wear men’s pants because they are too long. With husky sizes, length can still be an issue, so parents may want to have pants hemmed.

As of March 2015, Husky sizes are available online and in stores from brands like Old Navy, the Gap, J. Crew, and JCPenney. Instead of husky pants, you could wear pants with a waistband that you can adjust.


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