What’s the Deal With My Zippo Sparking But Not Lighting?

Insufficient lighter fluid or a dirty flint wheel could cause a Zippo brand lighter to create sparks but no flames, or the lighter may require flint replacement or wick cleaning or replacement. It’s possible that the Zippo lighter has the wrong lighter fluid or is too cold to work correctly.

Owners of non-functioning Zippo lighters can mail them to the original manufacturer for free repairs, excluding shipping expenses, at Zippo.com. Owners should ensure that the lighter fluid used is of the Zippo brand. Other lighter fluid brands may cause the lighter to perform less than optimally. Warm the lighter to room temperature before attempting to light it again if it is cold.

Over time, the flint wheel might acquire flint dust, which can obstruct appropriate lighting operation. To remove any flint dust or dirt, clean the wheel with rubbing alcohol and a clean cotton cloth. The flint stone deteriorates with time as well. Make that the flint stone beneath the wheel is still intact and large enough to strike the wheel. Examine the wick. Tweezers can be used to pull worn or burned wicks upward, and then the worn piece can be cut off.

An owner can send the lighter to the manufacturer for inspection and repair if the lighter fails to light after investigating potential problems.

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