What’s a Malay Mancatcher?

In “The Most Dangerous Game” by Richard Connell, the Malay mancatcher is a type of trap. This trap was made by a hunter named Sanger Rainsford. It is a heavy log with a trigger attached to it.

In this story, Rainsford and his friend Whitney go on a jaguar hunt in Rio de Janeiro. When they get there, they meet General Zaroff, who also hunts big game. After Rainsford refused to join Zaroff’s hunt, he became the target of the hunt.

During the chase, Rainsford makes the Malay mancatcher, which hurts Zaroff’s shoulder and forces him to spend the night at home. The mancatcher is made up of two trees. One of the trees is dead and the other is still alive. The dead tree falls on the general when a trigger is pulled on the living tree.


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