What Words Related to Christmas Start With Each Letter of the Alphabet?

For the letters “A,” “B,” “C,” “D,” and “E,” some Christmas-related terms in alphabetical sequence are “elf,” “bells,” “candy,” and “decorations.” During the holidays, teachers can utilise this exercise to help kids learn the alphabet. There aren’t many terms that are associated with the holiday season for some of the less popular letters, such “Q” and “Z.”

The following is a list of Christmas-related terms that start with each letter of the alphabet:

A: synthetic tree

B: blizzard, bow

C: carols, candy cane

December in D

E: eggnog, eve

F: fruitcake, festival

Gifts and gingerbread are G.

H: holiday, holly

I: ivy

J: joyous, merry

Kringle, Kris

R: light

Merry and mistletoe

N: Noel, Nativity

O: adorn

The poinsettia

A: quaint, quince

R: ribbon, reindeer

S: Santa, season

A: tinsel

U: opening

V: guests

W: winter, wrapping

X: Xmas

Yuletide: Y

Z: zest


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