What Words Did Charlotte Write in Her Web?

Charlotte, the protagonist of “Charlotte’s Web,” spins four messages in her web throughout the course of the story: “SOME PIG!,” “TERRIFIC,” “RADIANT,” and “HUMBLE.” The original intent of the web writing was to save Wilbur’s life, as the pig was scheduled to be butchered for food despite being a runt. Wilbur becomes more well-known as web writing gains popularity.

According to Shmoop, the spider’s web in the story may represent both power and frailty. Charlotte reminds readers that spider webs are strong when held together, but insects rip the web apart whenever they are trapped. Even though it is strong and beautiful, a spider’s web must be rebuilt continually.

According to Shmoop, the web’s words are influential in this narrative. Wilbur’s rescue is all about perception, as Charlotte illustrates that humans will believe “nearly anything” in literature. People rush to see “Zuckerman’s famous pig” at the fair, but he is only well-known because Charlotte believes Wilbur to be exceptional. The connection between the two develops to the point where Wilbur helps Charlotte care for her many children.

The classic children’s book “Charlotte’s Web” was written by E.B. White and released in 1952. The story is told using anthropomorphized animals.


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