What Will Happen If You Eat Sand?

Medical experts at NetDoctor.co.uk say that a person probably won’t get sick from eating a lot of sand, unless he eats a lot of it. AboutKidsHealth says that if you eat too much dirt, you might have stomach pain, diarrhea, or throw up.

Many young kids eat sand or dirt all the time, and most of the time it’s just out of curiosity. AboutKidsHealth says that children will outgrow this habit in time. If a child is often interested in dirt and eats a lot of it over a long period of time, you should take them to a doctor to see if they are missing any nutrients.

During pregnancy, some women get strange cravings, like wanting to eat sand or dirt. These cravings may be a sign of a mineral deficiency. NetDoctor.co.uk says that people who aren’t pregnant but still have very strange cravings may have a condition called Pica. Pica makes people want things that aren’t food or, in some cases, things that are bad for them. Most people with pica are children, but adults can also get it if they have a lot of stress, anxiety, or other mental health problems. A lack of iron or other minerals can make a person want sand or dirt. A change in hormones could make you feel like you have to eat sand.


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